Peace Corps Medical Clearance

I made it folks. I just received Final Medical Clearance. Because of my remote location in Alaska, I was initially overwhelmed by the medical requirements. I decided to try to squeeze everything into my Christmas trip to Minnesota. It made for a very busy vacation, but I am happy to say that it all got done and things came back with good results! For those of you applying to the Peace Corps, here is the complete list of requirements:

Some of the tasks in my Medical Portal. Seeing all of those thumbs-up symbols is a great feeling.
Some of the tasks in my Medical Portal. Seeing all of those thumbs-up symbols is a great feeling.

Dental Exam
– A four page form must be completed by your dentist
– Any dental work recommended by your dentist must also be completed before you will be granted clearance. For me this meant one small filling.

Dental X-Rays
– Full mouth series or a Panorex with four bitewings (less than a year old)

Physical Exam
– A five page form must be filled out by your physician
– PAP Smear with cytology report (only for women obviously)
– HHF (Health History Form) must be reviewed and signed by physician

Polio- one dose after the age of 18
Tetanus & Diptheria- within five years
MMR- two doses in lifetime
Varicella (Chickenpox)- two doses or blood work indicating immunity

Blood Work/Labs
Varicella titer (To demonstrate immunity if you have had chickenpox)
Hepatitis B surface antigen
Hepatitis C antibody
HIV (blood work or rapid oral test)
TB test or T SPOT TB or QuantiFERON
G6PD titer
Basic Metabolic Panel

– Because I have a mild heart condition (Mitral Valve Prolapse + PFO), I also had to have a thorough evaluation done at the Mayo Clinic. This included more blood work, chest x-rays, an EKG, an Echo-cardiogram, and more paperwork for the cardiologist to fill out.

If you have any health conditions at all, expect that the Peace Corps will want it checked out. This is where the costs will add up, especially if you are uninsured. Even though I have good insurance, my medical expenses totaled about $1700. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section! Click here to read my detailed application timeline.

Peace Corps Medical Portal main page.
Peace Corps Medical Portal main page.

3 thoughts on “Peace Corps Medical Clearance

  1. Quick question from a PCV Costa Rica Invitee: about how long did it take to get medical clearance after you submitted all of your tasks to the portal?


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