Complete Archive of Posts

For a concise summary of my experience in Kosovo, look at the overview of my Peace Corps service. This archive lists all of my blog posts.

All Peace Corps Blog Posts

Pre-Departure (Spring 2015)

About the Peace Corps
Peace Corps Medical Clearance
My Application Timeline
Being a Peacekeeper in Koko-SoSo
My biggest worries about Peace Corps Service
Where is Kosovo?

Training in Kosovo (Summer 2015)

Departure & Staging
Guide to Pre-Service Training
PST June: The First Month in Kosovo
I’m gonna get fat in the Peace Corps
PST July: Sweating in Kosovo
Site Envy: Finding out our permanent sites in Kosovo
Swearing-In Ceremony
PST August: Training Ends, Service Begins

First months at my permanent site (Autumn 2015)

The ugly truth behind a beautiful photo
Just let me poop in peace
Peace Corps Trainings
Photos of Kosovo

Winter 2015/16

Scaling the language barrier
Christmas in Germany
How does vacation work in the Peace Corps?
Packing Tips for Kosovo PCVs
And then there were none… ET-ing

Spring 2016

Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier
A surprise spring break in Paradise
Thoughts on life with a host family
Peace Corps Pets: Meet my Kosovar kitten!
First time witnessing animal sacrifices
Waterfalls in Kosovo

Summer 2016

Prom Kosovar Style: Albanian dancing
Things we do that Kosovars consider odd
My solo trip to Berlin (coming soon!)
Coffee Culture in Kosovo: Land of the world’s best macchiato
What do volunteers DO in the summer?
Vacation with my host family on the Adriatic Sea (on the trip now!)

Autumn 2016

Transportation within Kosovo

Stay tuned for more posts about the Peace Corps and life in Kosovo!

Below I’ve listed my posts from my time living in Alaska. I had just begun blogging, so the posts were very sporadic throughout 2013 and 2014.


2 thoughts on “Complete Archive of Posts

  1. Hello Brittany! As a PC invitee for Kosovo departing june 2017, your blog as been both fun, helpful and informative. I was hoping I could connect with you directly over email to ask some questions relating to your experience that may not have been capture in your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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