My Application Timeline

3 Choose (2)Disclaimer: I applied during the change-over between the old and new application systems. Under the old system applicants had very limited say over where they were sent, and the application was much longer. With the new system people can select their country and assignment. Check out the volunteer opportunities.


April         I begin seriously considering the Peace Corps and set up an account on their Applicant Portal. 1 Apply (2)I decide to continue working in Alaska for the 2014-2015 school year, making my earliest availability June 2015.
May 12      Application submitted. 
May 19      The Office of Medical Services emails me and asks me to complete the Health History Form.
May 21      I successfully complete and submit the Health History Form.2 Health History (2)
May 28      I fly out of Alaska to work in Minnesota for the summer.
June 3       A regional representative (Erin) contacts me. She tells me that my references are being contacted and must submit their recommendations within ten days. After they are received she will set up an interview with me.
June 7       I return from a vacation out of the country. I contact Erin and explain that I will be working at a camp in Minnesota and then fly back to a remote Alaskan village. We decide that a phone interview is the only legitimate option.
June 8-15   The Peace Corps Offices are shut down for staff training on the new application process.
5 Interview (2)June 16      A phone interview is scheduled for June 18th.
June 18      Interview: It lasts a total of one hour and 40 minutes.
                   Nomination: I am nominated for an Education assignment leaving in June 2015. We talk about country preferences and I state that Kosovo is my #1 choice. She explains that the Placement Office will review my application. Because June 2015 is almost a year away, I should not expect an invitation until October or later.

And then the waiting game…
   I work at Camp Cherith in Minnesota for the summer and then fly back to Alaska in August. Life/work returns to normal.4 Questionaire (2)

September 22      I receive an email from a Placement Specialist stating that I am under consideration for the Kosovo program. He asks me to complete an attached education questionnaire within one week.
September 24      I submit the questionnaire.
6 Invitation (2)September 26      INVITATION. I receive an email saying, “Congratulations! You have been officially invited to serve as a Secondary School English Language Teacher in Kosovo, departing June 5th, 2015.”
September 27      I officially accept the invitation and receive a TON of information about medical/dental clearance, passport/visa applications, legal clearance, etc.
November 19       My legal kit & passport/visa application is submitted. (Normally this step is done within ten days of your invitation, but my remote living situation made that tricky.)
December 23-30   I attempt to fit all of my dental/medical appointments into one week, because it is my only time outside of the remote Alaskan village of Galena.

January 12      All of my medical documents are uploaded to my Medical Portal7 Medical Clearance (2)
January 23      FINAL MEDICAL CLEARANCE! (Want to know what is required? Click here.)
January 30      Received a “Welcome to Peace Corps Kosovo” email from my Country Desk Officer
February 25   I complete the two required brief courses on Learning Space about expectations and safety/security
March 3         
Received an email from the Training Manager in Kosovo with a Pre-Service Training Questionnaire
April 6 & 21   The Country Desk Officer emails us a couple reminders and welcome letters
8 Departure (2)May 5              Staging information is sent out with an overview of the schedule and flight information
June 5           Staging occurs in Washington, D.C. for Kosovo Group 2
June 6           We depart for the airport as a group and fly to Kosovo

For a more detailed timeline, click here.

This is an overview of the updated application process: Application timeline NEW (2)



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