Photos of Kosovo

Kosovo really is a beautiful country located in a region of the world that few tourists explore. It has all four seasons, stunning mountains, and impressive sunsets. Below are some of the pictures from my service.

Pictures in Kosovo:

Pano picnic (2).JPG
Enjoying a picnic with my host family at Mirusha Waterfall in Kosovo
DSCN2080 (3)
The view from a mosque on a hill in Western Kosovo in May
DSCN2114 (2)
Walking through the village of Babaj Bokes in Western Kosovo

The above pictures were taken around the ruins of the ancient city of Novo Brdo.

DSCN1209 (2).JPG
The White Drin Waterfall in northwestern Kosovo.
DSCN1240 (4).JPG
Hiking around the gorgeous blue waters of the White Drin Waterfall in March.

The Blue Eye in southern Albania:

Matka Canyon outside of Skopje:

DSCN1701 (2)

You can see more photos from my Peace Corps service on my Instagram.

To see pictures from all of the volunteers in Kosovo, follow the official Peace Corps Kosovo Facebook page.


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