My Village Apartment

IMG_0981I absolutely love my little Alaskan apartment. Because the boarding school is a former Air Force base, the school staff live in the officer housing. The students live in the former barracks. This means that my apartment is a little one room studio with a bathroom.

Although I am attached to my little home, there are a few downsides. Let me list them for your entertainment:
1. Mystery stain on the wall
One of the walls in every apartment is covered with a canvas-type carpet. When I moved in I soon noticed a suspicious splatter stain on the wall next to the bed. I rearranged the furniture, covering the stain with a dresser, and have tried to avoid thinking about it since then.
2. Torture shower from Prisoners
Every time I shower I think of the 2013 movie Prisoners. Remember that horrifying scene where Hugh Jackman puts that creepy dude in the shower and alternates spraying him with ice cold and scalding water? Well, that is my shower. It is also so small (a free-standing shower) that there is no escape when the water turns scalding. I’ll be shampooing my hair, happily IMG_0984singing, when suddenly Hugh Jackman turns the water to scalding and leaves me yelling and scrambling to jump out of the shower. The good news is that it really wakes you up.

3. The door
After living in my apartment in Chicago it became ingrained in me to keep the door locked at all times. Unfortunately my door here does not like to lock from the outside. I don’t understand why it does this, but it usually takes me about three attempts at locking it before it actually locks. Once it took me 12 attempts.

One day a coworker saw me attempting to lock my door and said, “Why are you doing that? People never lock their doors here! I don’t think I’ve ever locked my door.”

After that I stopped locking my apartment door most of the time. If I couldn’t get it locked in two attempts, I would just leave it. That is, until something happened in December…

I was leaving my building when I saw a strange middle-aged man walking up the stairs. I had never seen him before. He smiled and said hello. I remember wondering who this random guy was.

About an hour later I decided to go back and lock the door to my apartment. On my way I ran into a coworker who lived on my hall. She looked surprised to see me and said, “I thought you were in your apartment.”

I was confused by what she meant. She told me that she had just left her apartment and saw that middle aged man walk out of my apartment. He looked at her, said nothing, and left.

I hurried up to my apartment and looked around. Nothing was missing, but I was creeped out. We never figured out who he was. I now lock my door 100% of the time.