My Undercut

For all of you long-haired ladies: Have you ever daydreamed about shaving your head?

I know I have. Many times.

pinky and the brainThe thing that stops me is realizing that I’d look like an alien. Some people are lucky enough to look like Natalie Portman and can pull off the look. Others of us would shave our heads and be immediately cast in the human version of Pinky and the Brain.

Those of you who know me also know that I have a ridiculous amount of hair. It is about four to five times as thick as the average woman’s hair. I have grown to love my hair, but it still has its downsides. It takes far too long to straighten or curl or style, and I use an ungodly amount of shampoo and conditioner.

So with that background, picture this:

I am sitting at my computer late at night watching YouTube videos of women chopping off their long hair. I probably watched 8 to 10 videos of women shaving their heads. It looked so liberating.

Next thing I know I am standing in my bathroom with a scissors. I grab a chuck of my hair along the nape of my neck and cut it clean off. Ten minutes later the bottom half of my hair is gone. Behold, the finished product:

long hair undercut design brittany

One of my students did the design for me.

The reaction? Lots of shock, and some people were horrified.

I know its a little unconventional, but I am loving it. I could not stop touching it for a week. I can style it in half the time and the undercut is completely covered when my hair is down. It is also fun to think up new designs!

brittany long hair undercut design

New hair design edit
A design done by one of the students