Happy Halloween from Grandma

Grandma BrittanyIf high school theater taught me one thing, it’s how to make myself look old.

IMG_2248So I decided to put that knowledge to use and dress up as Grandma Brittany for work on Halloween. Students were shocked to see an old woman wandering through the dorms all day.

The male students in particular did not recognize me, calling me ma’am all day. It was refreshing!

Check out my 2013 Halloween costume here.


Happy Halloween from a true Alaskan

Experiencing Halloween in a high school dormitory made me develop a new level of hatred for sexy Halloween costumes. I couldn’t believe how many female students wore scandalous little outfits for Halloween, especially when it is -25 degrees outside!

As my own personal little protest, I decided to dress up in the opposite fashion:

True AlaskanYou can check out my 2014 Halloween costume here.